A MAZE. / Berlin 2024

13th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Spacetime Continuum of Sound

by Farfama (Japan)

Genre: Interactive Sound Art

Space Time Continuum of Sound is an interactive sound art experience inspired by the work of Pauline Oliveros. This is sound as ceremony, a singing of the unsung depths of sound itself. 

This is a call to player: listen.

A dynamic, ever-changing soundscape washes through the underground cistern. Instruments, familiar and strange. Become the curious composer of an ephemeral soundtrack, unique to you. Emerge a graceful witness to the particle magic we call sound.

For those willing to tune in, grant sound the foreground of your attention. Its repertoire is vast, riveting, infinite: a space time continuum of sound.

This work is deeply inspired by the life and legacy of composer Pauline Oliveros, and in particular, her record “Deep Listening” co-created with musicians Stuart Dempster and Panaiotis.

Platform: PC