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13th International Games and Playful Media Festival

The Possession of Baby Junior [Alt.Ctrl Game]

The Possession of Baby Junior [Alt.Ctrl Game]

by University Lusófona (Portugal)

Genre: alt.CTRL

The context: The Possession of Baby Junior was developed as part of an [Alt.Ctrl Game] workshop, within the Masters in Design and Playful Media at Universidade Lusófona, led by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos.

The Game: It’s your first day as a priest at the local church and you were immediately called for an exorcism… on a baby. No-one prepared you for that in exorcism school.

So, just do it the only way you know how:

with all your might, Shake and Slap the demon back to Hell.

You have the baby controller in your hands, on the screen you can see the possession progress bar rising, and your objective is to clear the demon possession.

For this, you must shake the babe to make the demon manifest itself and come out, when that happens, you must slap the bottom of the baby controller, this will in turn make the possession bar diminish.

The game ends when the players either looses to the demon, or successfully exorcises it. When that happens a stream of still images of the player’s performance is shown, because during the whole gameplay a camera is capturing the player.

Platform: PC